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#flutter · 2020-11-04 09:44 PM Twitter Logo

CocoaPods installed but not working

Today I've upgraded to macOS Catalina (yep, I'm that slow) and after I executed yet another flutter run, I've got this error:

✗ CocoaPods installed but not working.
You appear to have CocoaPods installed but it is not working.
This can happen if the version of Ruby that CocoaPods was installed with is
different from the one being used to invoke it.
This can usually be fixed by re-installing CocoaPods. For more info, see
To re-install CocoaPods, run:
sudo gem install cocoapods

While this message is suggesting the right thing to do, it has a missing step which is required to be executed before, if you had cocoapods installed with brew:

brew uninstall cocoapods